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Under the authority of the DoD Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP) in 42 U.S.C 3374, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers acquires single-family homes and other properties, with up to two living units. The HAP is for eligible applicants who cannot sell their homes, under reasonable terms and conditions, as a result of a base realignment or closure action.

Section 1001, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), Public Law 111-5, expanded the HAP authority to provide assistance to Wounded, Injured, or Ill members of the Armed Forces (30 percent or greater disability), wounded Department of Defense and Coast Guard civilian homeowners reassigned in furtherance of medical treatment or rehabilitation or due to medical retirement in connection with their disability, and Surviving Spouses of fallen warriors. Additionally, the HAP authority was "temporarily" expanded for Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC 2005) impacted homeowners relocating during the mortgage crisis, and Service member homeowners undergoing Permanent Change of Station (PCS) moves during the mortgage crisis until September 30, 2012. This authority is referred to as “Expanded HAP”.

Properties that were recently acquired by the U.S. Government at the end of expanded HAP for PCS and BRAC 2005 impacted homeowners are now being offered for sale to the public through the General Services Administration (GSA). Below is a listing of HAP properties that are now available through auction. Just click on a property address below and you will be redirected to the GSA site for more details on the property or go directly to for a complete listing of residential HAP properties. For HAP properties that will be coming soon to auction, please go to and click on “View All Sales Listings”. Please check back each week as more properties will be added to the list.

HAP Homes For Sale by GSA